Sunday, January 5, 2014

Five Years Free of Disease

Five Years Free of Disease January 2014

Preventing Recurrence of Uterine Leiomyosarcoma is My Full-Time Job

It was November of 2008 when I was diagnosed with Uterine Leiomyosarcoma. My lab report said it was Stage II/III with a mitotic count of 100 in a 10X magnification field. The sky high mitotic count definitely downgraded my prognosis. Typically a mitotic count of 1-2 is low and 9-10 is high. My score of 100 indicated that the cancer had been multiplying rapidly. I was told I'd have a 50% chance to live 2 years, and a 27% chance to live 5 years. That's when I immediately embarked on a total change of lifestyle, one that would nourish my physical body and create a pervasive sense of relaxation and well-being. If I was going to ask my immune system to prevent this cancer from returning, I had to do my part by adopting the best practices to optimize my own body’s healing ability.  

My number one goal each day is to stay peaceful and calm inside, like it feels when you've just had a massage, or upon awakening from a deep and peaceful sleep. Guided imagery, affirmations and meditation help me to do this, along with walks in nature, acupuncture and deep breathing. My second job is to focus on the physiological and biochemical needs of my body - my nutrition, my supplements, my juicing, my exercise... and so much more. Since my diagnosis my body demands that I put my physical and emotional health first, and I don't feel guilty about doing it. You will need to decide that your health is more important than anything else and that your full-time job is taking care of you. At first, this is all I want you to do.

Your mind can aid in making your body well, but you will need to be actively involved in the process. I recommend that you take time off from your job for at least one year after surgery. I waited two years before resuming part-time work. Right now your full-time job is to make yourself well. You will begin a rigorous program of mind-body training, detoxification, and exercise. Time will be needed to shop for organic foods, juice vegetables, and prepare nutritious raw, vegan meals. My husband and my mother both remind me that my job is to focus on wellness, and everything else must be subservient to that goal.

Your body listens and responds to your subconscious thoughts, so it is not enough just to verbalize that you are going to become well - you must believe it in your core, in your spirit, in your energy body, in your subconscious mind.

Right now, your mind is the battlefront. Focus on everything that is uplifting. 

Realize that when you entertain negative thoughts, your are effectively using negative guided imagery on yourself!

Learn to listen to your heart - when your spirit is in balance, you will feel love, joy, peace, perseverance, gentleness, goodness, humility and self-control. When your spirit is out of balance and in distress, you will experience anger, resentment, hatred, bitterness, excessive worry, and the ultimate spiritual stronghold of cancer - fear.

I began this blog because when I was diagnosed there was NOTHING positive to read about survivors of Uterine Leiomyosarcoma. In fact, my doctor told me NOT to look it up on the internet! Since that time my blog has been reaching women all over the world, in nearly every country you can think of. I've also started a Facebook page where women and caregivers can comment and ask questions as well. 

I realize that if you are newly diagnosed, or if you are a caregiver of a newly diagnosed patient, that sifting though all of these blog pages can be a bit overwhelming. For that reason I have decided to write a book so that you can have the information at home in your own hands to refer to again and again. I hope to have my book available in the coming months. 

Remember that your body is designed to prevent cancer from multiplying. At one point, something got out of balance and your immune system failed to work properly. I know that stress played a huge role in my own cancer.  I also know that my body can change. It can be made well, nourished and strong, able to prevent the cancer from returning.

It has been five years since my diagnosis, and I have not had any recurrence of the disease. My body is preventing the cancer from returning. When I saw my doctor he said, " Remarkable! Remarkable! Keep doing what you are doing!" I most certainly will. 


Heidi Bright said...

I just found your blog. Congratulations! 5 years out is fantastic! And when I read the rest of your entries, I understand why. I am going to post a link to your blog from my blog. I had something more rare, yet similar to LMS--stage 4, type 4. After 2 years of treatment I am free of evidence of disease.

Jeannie said...

To Anonymous: First, congratulations on making it 7 years before you had a recurrence. That is fabulous! I have recently learned about Dr.Axel Rolle who performs laser surgery on lung mets. If you have not had surgery yet, you may like to check him out:
Sending you healing energy!

Rachell said...

Thank you for sharing your journey! I do not have LMS but was diagnosed 6 months ago with Stage 3a High Grade Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma. As a 26 year old mama to 3 little ones I know I must win this battle!! I have chosen to go the holistic/alternative route as well. I LOVE reading success stories and soaking up positive and health conscious blogs and experiences. I am currently following the Gerson Therapy and have thus far been NED. Praying for many more years of life and health!

Jeannie said...

Congratulations Rachell! I'm visualizing you healthy and strong, taking care of your beautiful children. My mantra, which I repeat out loud to myself throughout the day is, "I am healthy, vital, and strong, free and clear of disease." Make sure your are including lots of mind-body work in your program, and be very aware of your breath. Breathe deeply at all times - it will help you connect to your center and recognize when things put stress on you. Avoid stress like the plague because it suppresses the immune system. Lots of healing energy to you! ~ Jeannie

Anonymous said...

I was just diagnosed with LMS one week ago. I feel like its the end of the world. It was so great to find you. You are a breath of fresh air.

Jeannie said...

You are so fortunate to be able to have the chance to immediately begin changing the environment in your body. That is what I did. I urge you to begin a comprehensive program right away. Stop stress hormones and read only positive materials! The first thing you need is HOPE. I'll be right here with you!

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed may 29. I find myself shaking. I had been praying and meditating in nature. It really helps. I can't spend all day looking up oncologists.

Jeannie said...

Dear Anonymous,
It is understandable that you are shaken - and physically shaking! The shock of the diagnosis has activated your stress hormones and the adrenaline is making you shake. I'm so glad to hear that you are taking walks in nature, praying and meditating. The relief that you feel when you do those things is from the decrease in stress hormones. I am assuming that you have already had a total hysterectomy. If your cancer did not spread outside of the area that was removed, then chemotherapy and radiation should not be considered for you - the medical literature says that those are palliative treatments and do not increase your length of survival. If you are able to afford it, I would suggest that you might go to a healing center that teaches you all about the anti-cancer lifestyle. I attended the Optimum Health Institute. There are many good places to go. When I was diagnosed, I couldn’t find anything positive about uterine leiomyosarcoma online, so that’s why I started my blog and Facebook page. There are lots of sarcoma support groups, but when I read about other people who were not healthy and well, it was not good for my psyche. My MIND controls my body chemistry, so I don’t want to do anything that makes me scared and turns on my stress hormones because stress hormones suppress the immune system. I like to think that everything I do is PAMPERING my body – pampering my mind with positive thoughts, guided imagery, meditation, and funny movies will release chemicals that let my body know I am going to be just fine. And so are you.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful that I have found your blog. Thank you for providing hope and a wealth of positive info. I was diagnosed over 3 weeks ago after having a partial hysterectomy. The tumor was considered high grade---mitotic rate 25 per 10X power fields. I am staying positive as I move forward.

Anonymous said...

Dear Annonymous,
Thank you for touching in. Your desire to keep a positive attitude will serve you well - it is the first step in accessing the mind-body connection to healing. That is, the mind has been proven to have a direct connection to your immune system, and harnessing the power of the mind can be an important part of your recovery. Read more about this on my blogs about guided imagery for cancer patients and the mind-body connection. Lots of healing energy! Jeannie