Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cancer Fighting Supplements

Supplements augment what we eat, but never replace the need for daily consumption of organic vegetables.

Making Decisions about Supplements 

There are many supplements on the market, and distinguishing which ones are best for you can be daunting. Fortunately, I found two different Naturopaths that helped me determine where to start. After analyzing the results of my lab tests, I based my supplementation on concrete medical data.

The first Naturopath I worked with was Dr.David Getoff who is skilled in performing the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. I was diagnosed with ULMS in November 2008 and had my first appointment with Dr. Getoff one month later. One visit with Dr. Getoff allowed me to return home with a solid foundation of nutritional supplements that I knew were effective for my body. He requested blood tests to check certain nutrient levels in my body, including vitamin D.

The next month, shortly after my second surgery in January 2009, I had my first consultation with Dr. Monique Mazza who specializes in strengthening the immune system and detoxification. Dr. Mazza identified though lab tests that I was carrying excessive levels of parabens and phthalates in my body. Parabens are preservatives that are found in most commercial self-care products such as shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansing products and moisturizers, cosmetics, shower gels, shaving gels, personal lubricants, topical pharmaceuticals and even toothpaste. Phthalates are compounds used in plastics which increase flexibility and durability. Exposure comes from food packaging, heating foods in plastic, and, in my case, breathing in the fumes from a laminating machine! 

My Current Supplements

Digestive Support (Foundation of the Immune System)
Dr. Michael Murray's High Potency Multi Enzyme (helps you get the most out of your food - so important!)
Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus EPS Probiotics (keeps digestive flora and fauna strong)
G.T.'s Kombucha (Strawberry Serenity - yum!)

Vitamin-Mineral Supplements
Synergy Whole Food Liquid Vitamin-Mineral 
Unique E by A.C. Grace
ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops
Liposomal C (in Liposomal Can-Help, anti-cancer supplement) by Healthy Items
New Chapter Bone Strength Whole Food Calcium
Carlson's Liquid Vitamin D-3

Overall Immune Strengtheners
CoQ10 (anti-oxidant; used by cells to produce energy)
Carlson's Fish Oil Liquid Omega-3 Lemon Flavor

Blood Strengthener and Detoxifiers
BarleyMax Wheat Grass Powder

Bone Strengthening
Ortho Molecular Strontium

Estrogen Metabolism (Anti-Cancer for estrogen positive tumors)
Integrative Therapeutics Lipotropic Complex (methylation support)
Nature's Way DIM Plus
Jarrow MK-7
Barlean's High Lignan Flax Seed Oil

Anti-Angiogenesis, Anti-Cancer
Liposomal Nano Curcumin from Healthy Items (stops cancer from connecting to blood vessels)
Source Naturals ECGC (amplifies the effect of curcumin)
Natural Factors Liquid Biosil (Silica)
Melatonin (before retiring)
Liposomal Can-Help by Healthy Items (delivers Vitamin C straight to the blood - must have if you are not doing IV Vit. C infusions)
Pancreatic Enzymes (they eat the protein coating off the outside of the cancer cells, making them vulnerable to attack) German-Zyme by Young Again is one brand.

Avesta Boswellia
Jarrow Milk Thistle
Natural Astaxanthin (powerful anti-oxidant)

Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial
Extra-Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil (delicious on flourless, sprouted toast)

Homeopathic Detoxification
Professional Complementary Health Formula's Xenobiotics (a homeopathic line of liquid drops, each specifically designed to aid the body in metabolizing and excreting toxins - I systematically went through about a dozen that applied to me). If you can't get those, I hear that Professional Health Products Homeopathic Remedies carries a similar line.

The truth is, many of these supplements serve more than one purpose, so don't just go by the headings I have listed.

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DebsNZ said...

One of the things I found out about on the Accor listserv service was Bill Peebles cocktail of vits, amino acids, minerals & anti-oxidants. Have you looked into them? I've been taking those, but am always willing to try something different... Did you find out about them at all with your naturopaths?
I've also recently started with Greenland Moss essential oils. Do you use any essential oils?
I'm coming up for my first anniversary so it's a fairly intense time, but I'm hopeful I'll continue to be Cancer-Free. :-)

Jeannie said...

Dear Cancer Free,
Thank you for your question. Take a look at my most recent post (4/25/12) that lists all of the supplements that I am currently taking, as well as my post on liposomal supplements for more ideas. I am familiar with Bill Peeples, but I think that you can find even better sources for your information. Each person, like myself, needs to do a lot of research into supplements and work with professionals (doctor and naturopath or osteopath) to obtain blood, urine, saliva and hair lab results which allow you to correctly diagnose what your body is dealing with. What metals, plastics, environmental toxins, parabens, etc. does you body need to clear out in order to allow your immune system to fight the cancer and prevent its return? Liposomal supplements go directly into the bloodstream, passing right through the gut, so those are highly recommended. I also look at the protocols at the top alternative treatment centers. It goes without saying that supplements are not going to work if yo do not follow the right nutritional program. Juicing and a raw vegan or vegetarian diet are also essential. I do use some essential oils. I use Lavender while meditating and Orawellness essential oil blend to brush the gumline of my teeth in order to reduce bacteria that can tax the immune system. Above all, reduce all stress - treat stress like it is the plague. Best wishes to you. It sounds like you are doing a great job. :)