Sunday, March 16, 2014

Long-Term Leiomyosarcoma Cancer Survivor

I hope you can watch my latest video message.

Long Term Survivor of Leiomyosarcoma

I saw my oncologist on Friday. He said it's time for me to "graduate." He doesn't need to see me anymore. After more than 5 years with no recurrence of leiomyosarcoma, I am thrilled! But I will continue to follow the strict regimen of the anticancer lifestyle for the rest of my life - after all, that's why I made it this far. I was able to engage my immune system to prevent the cancer from returning.

I have always told people that I am recovering from cancer, not that I have cancer. I began to say this right from the start. Your brain listens to everything that you say, so that's why you need to say that you are recovering. It's more than just the things you speak out loud, although it is very important to speak only positive things about your recovery. But it's deep down in your heart and soul that needs to be convinced that your are going to be okay. That's why you need to flood your mind with the right guided imagery as part of the mind-body component of this healing program.

Are you recently diagnosed? Let people take care of you now - don't push yourself to do anything whatsoever. Don't spend time doing anything that drains you, period! When you begin to feel a little better, don't go out and spend your energy. Save it and just keep relaxing. That way your body can use the unspent energy towards healing you.  Save your energy to do the healing routines that are to become your new way of living.

Your goal is never to feel exhausted. Whatever it takes. The only time you need to spend some energy is when you are outside walking each day in order to get your lymph fluid moving to remove the toxins from your body. Or when you are preparing raw, organic foods and juices. 

When you are sleeping, the immune system is activated. The supplement melatonin has been clinically proven to have an anticancer effect against leiomyosarcoma in particular. I take 20mg before bedtime and sleep 10 hours per night. If you can't sleep that long, have a guided imagery CD by your bedside and listen to it when you wake up (with earphones if you are not alone) but remain still and quiet to prolong your relaxation.  

The components of the anti-cancer program include mind-body work (such as guided imagery, meditation, reading stories about others who have overcome incurable diseases, and stating intentions and affirmations to be well), a detoxification program (usually designed by a Naturopath after they do some testing), avoiding environmental toxins, eating a mostly raw, organic, vegan diet, drinking freshly pressed carrot-apple juice and green smoothies and/or wheat grass, fresh air, sunshine, mild exercise, NO STRESS OR NEGATIVITY, some form of emotional clearing/healing (with a therapist, energy worker, acupuncturist, or self-healing guide), and supplements that have been shown to stop cancer from spreading (Liposomal or I-V Vitamin C treatments, Liposomal Curcumin, Pancreatic Enzymes, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Silica, Vitamin E, Melatonin, Iodine, Glutathione, and Chlorella are some examples) and other supplements designed to change the way you metabolize estrogen - breaking it down in a non-toxic way that does not stimulate tumors (MK-7, DIM, and Lipotropic Factors). 

Some supplements require blood tests to monitor your levels to make sure you reach the optimal level but don't overdose. I work with my naturopath and my medical doctor to accomplish this. 

The first place for you to start is by turning off stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) because they suppress your immune system, shutting it down so it can't work to fight the cancer. So turn of your favorite laugh-out-loud movies, or music that evokes happy, care-free memories, and read through my blog. I'll show you ways to improve your well-being and connect with healing power you have within you. 

~ Jeannie


Jeannie said...

I appreciate hearing from you! I don't post comments with personal information such as email addresses or phone numbers, just to protect you. But rest assured, I read each one!

Chris Williams said...

Hi Jeannie, I hope this message finds you well. :) I wanted you to know I have really loved watching all of your videos. I am a combat vet and I have some anxiety issues I have been dealing with and I can't take antidepressants and other medications only help for a little while. Its not a serious problem but it can get uncomfortable at times especially the times it effects my sleep which seems to be more and more as I age. I am 48 and been out the military for several years now and I feel like I am starting to relax some and thanks should be giving to beautiful people like you.

I hope you have an wonderful day I can be found on Facebook. :D You should check my page out its mostly public or shoot me a friend request. I watch your videos on my bluray player so this the first I have seen of your site. Awesome I love it. I don't promote much on facebook just piece love and my dog lol.

Christopher Williams

John said...

Hi Jeannie,
Congratulations on your cancer free checkup! I am inspired by your lifestyle. I too am a 20 year survivor of stage 3 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

My wife was diagnosed in Feb 2014 with Leiomyosarcoma stage unknown. Site of origin unknown. She has tried several chome regiments and getting very little response. Her oncologist told her at best it may go into remission but she will never get rid of it.

She is already taking some supplements but we feel she needs to follow a protocol like yours. She has stopped working, and very optimistic.

The problem is there are not many people to talk to about this because it is rare.

Please offer some encouring words of wisdom. She is about the same age as you (57) and I can provide personal information such as e-mail.

Yours in health!


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
If you sign up to be a member of this blog, it will allow me to message you personally.